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The multi-hyphenate jack-of-all-trades James Franco finds himself on the receiving end of a nonstop barb buffet when Roast Master Seth Rogen leads this dais including Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll, Jeff Ross and Sarah Silverman.

User Reviews
Jblaster21 2015-04-10

MythSmasher 2014-12-31
Incredibly lame and weak, one forced laugh or another Jewish joke after another, should've just been done on someones couch or at a house and never recorded for the public or sale, just awful. I'd skip this one and watch any of the others, wish I could get my time and money back.

Lueck0605 2014-02-17
Funniest roast ever.

seanhrpro 2013-09-10
Used to love the annual roasts but this one is by FAR the worst - well, Rosanne was pretty bad too. A couple of chuckles but that's about it - nothing like Charlie Sheen or the others.

Slippery knuckles 2013-09-10
This IS my cup of tea!

iamMrMS 2013-09-09
What a great Roast with a top cast. Everyone delivered some great lines, stand out acts came from Jonah Hill, Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader, but it was probably Jeff Ross who took the crown. Franco and also the erst of the bunch are definitely not ashamed of making fun of themselves, as you can see in the hillarious „This is the end“. One of the funkest things I’ve seen this year.

Greekcheeze 2013-09-08
This is the best roast I've seen in a while. Finally we get one where it focuses on a celebrity that's relevant.

belle8964 2013-09-07
Probably my favorite celeb roast so far

nrvs_frtr 2013-09-05
Thank you Flownominal. I made a similarly informative comment that also included thoughts about the actual program and it was removed, yet all of the unjustifiable outrage posts are still here. I'm not retyping it all again because you pretty much covered what I posted. So I'll just say that Andy Samberg destroyed. His diabolical method caught everyone off guard until the big pay-off.

nate_trashansky 2013-09-05
finally it's up!!

xclsr 2013-09-05
Jonah Hill was surprisingly funny, Sarah Silverman and Aziz Ansari killed it, and the essential Jeff Ross never disappoints! Loved everyone else, but those guys deff get special mention. Easily the best roast I've ever seen Comedy Central produce! The usuals were missed (Greg Giraldo - RIP, Lisa Lampanelli, Whitney Cummings, Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer, Gilbert Gottfried, etc.), but after seeing what these guys did and how they showed why they are respected at what they do, it made my Labor Day. P.S. The Black-Tie Affair was a nice touch! P.P.S. Arnold Schwarzenegger should be the next roastee. Danny DeVito can be roastmaster! The jokes simply write themselves, and he would be a good sport! BTW: To all those complaining that they haven't received the roast yet, perhaps you don't know how the business works. The roast airs, an encore follows, and the day of, or next day of, the special encore 72 hours after it first aired, iTunes will provide the uncensored version for those that purchased the Season Pass. It's called a season pass for a reason - you wait until CC authorizes Apple to deliver it. No matter what, you'll get it. Down-voting the roast simply because you're impatient is just wrong, and makes me wonder where your mothers were at when they were supposed to teach you about how virtuous patience is!

Flownominal 2013-09-05
Available for download at (or before) 2:30 EST 9/5/2013. First of all, you do not deserve to leave negative feedback if you purchased the Season Pass without actually seeing the episode as available. $5 for an uncensored, 1080p digital copy of a comedy special less than 3 days after air, without commercials, is a pretty good deal to me. These roasts are almost always hilarious, and you are really missing out if you choose to watch the on-air, edited version. That being said, it would be nice if iTunes provided actual release date/times, but so it goes.