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Ayumu is back – and he’s still dead! Everyone’s favorite murder-victim-turned-zombie returns for another season of outrageous magical harem action! Ayumu’s corpse is still rotting, his lethal and lovely roommates still think he’s a pervert, and the kids at school are about to find out just how good he looks in a little pink dress! Can he survive his undead lifestyle long enough to conquer evil!?

User Reviews
mg46273 2020-05-05
I love it

EvilMadnessv1 2018-07-20
Ah is was ok, this is rated TV-MA, I never figured out why their isn’t any full nudity in this. This should probably be rated TV-14 MOST. It has some strong language, but nothing to make it TV-MA. I expected more went I saw it on Blu-ray. Which brings me to another point besides the rating, This show is in High Definition, so why does iTunes only have this in Standard Definition for? I giving this 2 stars for those reasons it has little to do with hentai or anything that main in compass it’s at best a TV-14 show crossdressing and a little bad language doesn’t give it a bad enough rating. You can find way worst shows here on iTunes that do live up to a TV-MA rating. If iTunes ever did put this in HD I would be a little happier other then those two points the rating level and this not being in HD, I could see myself getting this on iTunes til then my Blu-ray collection will be the only version I have! If anyone from apple ever takes the time to read this I hope they listen and put this in HD it’s on Blu-ray and this needs to be undated in their library! Thanks for reading.

AngelicJoe 2014-06-18
I Love the season of Is this a Zombie is has good Romance,Action,And good H.A.R.E.M harem action

I <3 BestBuy 2014-04-25

PENGUIN434 2014-04-22
This a hilarious anime and i can’t wait for season 3.

SilverHeretic 2013-11-11
I think this Season is better than the first much funnier, its rated MA but is censored if thats why you want to watch. Good buy thought.

SkyNatsume 2013-09-16
Just as awesome as season one really funny less drama and more misunderstandings.This series is the best anime comedy ever and a must watch for all anime fans.

GMR782 2013-09-14
It was a great show full of comedy!!!!