World War Z (Unrated Cut)
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The suspense is killer in this fast-paced, pulse-pounding epic of the potential last days of the human race. Former United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is called upon to help stop the chaotic pandemic that has gripped populations around the world. Lane fights to keep his family safe, while searching for an answer to the outbreak before it destroys all of civilization. World War Z is the most gratifying action spectacle in years!

User Reviews
Nicholas becerra 2020-06-13
The unrated cut of War World Z is much overlong and has zombie violence that was missing from the theartical cut the thing is that War World Z is not a zombie film when it's PG-13 a zombie movie should be R-Rated.

Filpo01 2020-04-18
Would recommend this movie. Very entertaining.

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2020-02-05

NaomiWolf 2019-11-30
Like i said best zombie movie every. They did a great job making it!

vmr98 2019-08-24
I love this movie so much. And for it to last for 3 hours is great of blood and gore

Grumpy109 2019-06-16
If you expect the Unrated Cut to have more blood and gore, forget it. Unrated Cut adds nothing of significance to the theatrical cut. The original is jus fine as it is.

FurdTerguson 2019-06-12
Out of all the zombie movies I have watched, 'World War Z' is the only one that I continue to watch over and over.

Imagination 2019-03-17
Ok Zombieland is better and a couple more are good but really. Genre aside they can be fun. I'm not here to be a critic but if this were the just an action adventure film it might have gotten 85 points or more. We really enjoyed it and remember I hate Zombie films.

brian11380 2019-02-06
To me this was one of my all time top 10 movies considering I’m not a big zombie fan at all until this and the first 5 seasons of the walking dead...great action suspense good story line and brad Pitt was awesome

Pushba 2018-12-11
The previews were good, but the movie was really stupid and had no plot. I’d rather watch paint dry then watch this movie again.

KyahMueller 2018-11-25
I watched this movie with my cousins and my mom and dad when I was like 8 or something and I remembered it being super scary probably because I was a little girl but I watched it again and I thought it was the same way when I was little to now. I am 14 years old now turning 15 and I defiantly recommend you watch this movie.

Black breather 2018-07-04
Original Cut : 95 % Unrated Cut : 100 % Times better

Kaufhiq Islam 2018-06-03
I need this 4K HDR in my life. 4K please iTunes?

Bear_Hunter 2018-05-13
Understand that some view it as a disappointment in terms of the book, but since I was unfamiliar with the book, I had no expectations. As a zombie movie in the general sense, I thought it was action packed and well made.

Cats & Music 2018-01-22
I realized that I was holding on to the arms of my chair hands clenched about 15 to 20 min into the movie. That doesn’t happen very often. Ima horror movie fan, have been since I was old enough to watch ‘em. Maybe about 7 years old. I’m 60 years old now, and I haven’t seen a movie like this before. Brad you still have it! A lot of people worked on this movie and they deserve credit for this movie. Brad Pitt could read recipes for 2 hours, and I’d love it. 10 stars if I could.

Shenmue kid 2018-01-10
Dope. Well executed

Distono 2016-12-16
This movie is so bad, I turned it off within ten minutes. The character development is absent and the zombies are ridiculous. No thanks.

Mattcarnes 2016-07-27
The only thing worth seeing this is seeing cgi zombies make mountains. The plot does feel weak besides burning the great book and replacing it with this garage the plot has a weak moment. So zombies hate the sick more than you hate your super ex, so Brad Pitt makes a vaccine that gets you sick without killing you. It doesn't take long to do, then the last 5 minutes are bombing and killing zombies like their inconvenient human sized bugs. No real tension or threat just another chore to do.

WantCandyPant5! 2016-04-24
This is a "28 Days Later" part 3. No zombies eating other people, just biting victims & moving or Running on to the next. You want to get Scared, Read The BOOK or watch the Original Classics of Zombies like "Night of the Living Dead-1968, Dawn of the Dead-1978, Day of the Dead-1978 (the remakes SUCKED!!!)" OR the tv series Fear The Walking Dead & The Walking Dead (which both are very similar to the book WWZ).

Rdubesq 2016-02-28
No, it's nothing like the book. If you read the book you know there was no way to adapt that into a coherent movie, so stop it. Original approach, different angle on your typical collapse, fight, despair, fight climax done to death formula. Have watched this several times and glad I own it.

ThaMacGamer 2016-02-08
This movie was a disaster! It's nothing but a propaganda. What was Brad Thinking?

Iron Butt 10 2015-12-26
I was dumb enough to rent this movie twice by mistake. I hated it!

waffle syrupzz 2015-10-28
I watched this movie hoping for a good zombie flick. what I got instead was brad pitt, trying to save the world and escaping death in the most ridiculous ways possible.The zombies lacked pizazz.

Obessed with ITunes 2015-03-22
I loved this Fast Paced zombie movie totally worth it.

Prof. Z 2015-01-04
If you are looking for connections between this movie and the book (which I like a lot), then this is not for you. That said, this film presents a reasonable story, good actions and some intense moments; it's an enjoyable movie in itself.

Todd.Shad 2014-12-02
Just a great zombie movie.

747whaledriver 2014-07-28
The movie loses it in the last half of the film. A movie should hold its own regardless of the book it was based on: I haven’t seen a movie yet in the past 48 years that was a good as the book. Too bad: too many missed opportunities, too many unanswered questions. The cast did a great job with a brain-dead screenplay, but the script as the first zombie of the movie — undead, but not much life in it. Worth watching just for the CGI goofs.

Ole Rico 2014-07-27
Non-stop action, excellent cinematography, and very good acting. Very exciting zombie movie because they swarm like piranha. Compelling storyline. First and last 15 minutes are slow, the rest of the movie is a rush.

ThePolarBeast 2014-07-19
(SPOILER ALERT) To be fair this movie rolls along pretty well until the plane crash scene. Seeing the lone survivor of the plane crash (Brad Pitt) strapped in his seat with injuries was too ludicrous to believe. It goes down from there. Choose another movie on iTunes so you can look yourself in the mirror.

Patrick625 2014-07-15
Hi. To everyone saying it wasn't like the book, if the movie was like the book. It would be so hard to keep along with the story. And that wouldn't make a good movie. That'd be an extremely long movie

Amir 30 2014-07-07

boss_nickname224 2014-06-08
first of all this was probably my favorite movie if all time next to matrix. the first day it came out i went 2 see it twice the story line was great and it had a huge amount of action the bottom line is that it was a great movie and i hope you like it. definately worth the 20 bucks

Glennium 2014-05-20
To the people that call me an idiot for comparing it with the book, fine. If they wanted to "loosely" base it on the book, they should have changed the title to something else like "Zombies Take #9". And to the people who said it would be too long if they followed the book, it should have never been made into a movie, better to make a 15 to 20 episode TV mini-series, but only 1 season long. And NO BRAD PITT. They wasted too much money. And finally, what is with zombies and super human strength, I did not know a zombie could run the 40 yard dash in under two seconds. How can they do this with decaying flesh and muscles. I guess I just expect a bit more entertainment and intelligence for the money I spend on movies these days.

uuuuuuuuuuudu 2014-05-10
Brad Pitt is a great actor

Dukerownsyou1 2014-04-04
Why can't I rent it? But overall I liked the movie

Jaytoon 2014-03-15
Should make this available to rent. It isn’t worth $10 to me and I don’t know if I would rent it for $5.

StephCarter78 2014-03-13
Pretty good movie!

Masad מַסָּד 2014-03-12

BelieveThis! 2014-02-18
This movie was laughably bad for a short while but soon made me resent the purchase. The only thing worse than Pitt's acting is the over-the-top lauding of his silly character.

$Jarred1$ 2014-02-10
I really did like the movie watching it was very fun to do and I don't know why this has low reviews but I give it a 5/5


Morgan1646 2014-01-19
I rented the movie for 4.99 and my wifi cut out for a couple of minutes. The next thing I know it's like I had already had the movie for the amount of time you rented it for. I paid the money and they already took the movie away. iTunes needs to fix this problem. 😤

FedManXXX 2014-01-04
A zombie movie with some intelligence behind the plot inlieu of the tyical bloody and gory zombie movie. Those looking for a humanistic plot and action will enjoy this movie.

StefanMDPhD 2014-01-04
Quite possibly the most illogical movie I’ve ever seen: there’s a virus that turns people into zombies almost instantly…but it’s a world war…and we have to bring Brad Pitt back in from retirement, because he’s the only one who can save us. Did some creationist society check the plot line for scientific content and self-consistency???

kennarocks1 2013-12-30
Excellent movie, i thought i never would like a zombie movie, but it was truly amazing. It kept my attention the whole way through. Loved every second. Good actors and amazing plot!

FB BLoWs DoG 2013-12-30
Riveting action all movie long!!

Awesomeguy1200 2013-12-30
I think it is the best movie because they pop out of nowhere

Musicobssessed 2013-12-28
You probably won't remember it a week after you see it, but it was entertaining enough.

Wakeup0 2013-12-26
Great film! You like special creatures, blood, gutts, good (decent) story line then you won't be disappointed. Too bad, I only rented the movie as I would like to add this one to my collection. A great pic to watch with your boo.

Felixgrod 2013-12-25
Kinda scary, Kinda exciting, ok action. Doesn't really give a new spin to the zombie flick but it will keep you entertain!