The Western Front
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A former Marine and Fallujah Veteran returns to Iraq's bloodiest city and province to tell the story

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A former Marine and Fallujah Veteran returns to Iraq's bloodiest city and province to tell the story of the war from all sides. A 2010 Tribeca Film Festival Selection.

User Reviews
Ggfjvc 2016-03-11
This is a great movie and worth the watch, particularly for anyone with an interest or a stake in the conflict in and around Iraq. It helps shed light on a complicated and tragic situation.

DoctorFredo 2015-01-16
I was very impressed by this documentary. It really brought me close to the people involved in the Irag war, experiencing first hand how complex the situation was. I recommend this highly.

DTBB10 2014-12-06
This film is one of the most powerful and moving documentaries about war. Zach’s personal experiences are intertwined masterfully with the accounts of others who served alongside him to create an incredibly vivid and intimate recreation of the events that took place in Iraq in 2004-2006. No matter what your view is on the Iraq war, this film is a must watch.

Chris Gerardi 2014-11-30
Zach was able to sew together powerful first hand accounts from men and women he had a trusted personal relationship with. From local Iraqi families, his units indiginous translator, Marines: lower enlisted, NCO's, and officers, to high level think tanks and advisors, he is able to capture a broad spectrum of insights and opinions that broaden the viewer's perception of the OIF conflict. As an OIF veteran myself, it brought back some powerful memories and reignited my emotional connection and sympathy for the Iraqi populace, who have been subject to so much generational violence and turmoil. You may not agree with all of the opinions expressed in this documentary, but you can definitely appreciate them.

RYAN FIX 2014-11-27
Enlightening & entertaining.

DannieMac82 2014-11-27
So impressed by this movie, the viewpoint and insight it takes, and the way it refreshes and recreates our awareness of a topic that’s so easily forgotten. Super glad I downloaded it.

Brookings institute 8 2014-11-19
The Iraq war is more complex that most can comprehend, Me included. If you are interested in painting a clearer picture of why we're there, who were fighting and what the future holds...this is worth a watch. This film is special because of the first hand perspective from Zach, a marine who was actually fighting in Fallujah during some of the toughest points of the insurgency. What I was most impressed with, was that it never felt like there was an agenda or personal narrative being imposed on the story. The western front provides an exhaustive and unbiased look at stories from both sides and shines a light on some often forgotten (or disregarded) perspectives of the war. An important film that is worth the time.