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The Roast of Justin Bieber assembles a dais that includes Hannibal Buress, Snoop Dogg, Natasha Leggero, Ludacris, Shaquille O'Neal, Jeff Ross, Martha Stewart and Roast Master Kevin Hart to hold one of the world's biggest teen idols over an open flame.

User Reviews
justin bebr 2018-04-02
ozzy happy birthday Friday 19

Me and Sophie 2017-12-26
I am your true love

Cammy jojones 2016-03-15
If u love Justin then u will love this

GayLord~Focker 2016-02-04
I live this Roast of Justin Bieber. This is the best roast in the history of CC Roast.

Stacy Bieber 2016-01-26
He's a great person and you guys need to see that he's trying. Everyone makes mistakes and that's what makes us human

Aditya1898 2015-11-12
It was quite funny.

brittstarz 2015-06-08
Justin is an amazing and great/ good/ kind person at heart. I do not know him, but I truly believe that I can feel his heart from afar. God bless you Justin! Aside from the entire roast being surrounded by the sexy and talented Justin Bieber !... I mean, come on it Was in deed funny as well! I laughed a million times! Maybe because unlike many ppl I actually have a sense of humor, and unlike others I actually think it was good material.

Blames oneness 2015-05-10
This movie was pretty good

aakqeruan 2015-04-20
really good, worth it

Rhearawr 2015-04-14
Yay Justin!!!

dmailyan 2015-04-07
Incredible and hilarious! He's made mistakes but the Biebs has owned up to it. Take a chance to actually watch the episode before you rate it.

twistyhuman 2015-04-07
They weren't even jokes, they were all literally true 😂

biebs_ 2015-04-06
This was hilarious, I hope he releases some music soon:)

roeeeese 2015-04-06
best roast so far 👍

Pigsrule26 2015-04-06
prepare to pee yourself

Lkcowboy 2015-04-06
Embarrassed for having watched it. Martha Stewart sank to new low. Bieber looked so medicated during the stupid tribute to such a talent gone bad.

InfinitiG37x 2015-04-05
The Best Roast ever, so Funny🙈🙉🙊

MARRYMEMUKE 2015-04-04
Most of people are rating this low because it's Justin Bieber... Like can you grow up, this roast was hilarious, but just because it's of Justin it only gets 1 star, like honestly how immature can people get. Most people just can't get through the fact that it was funny, that Justin took the roast in a mature way, and laughed with everyone and at the end he apologized for all the wrong stuff he did. Like honestly what was so bad about it?

bloodyjacub 2015-04-04
I really don't understand HY the people below were commenting trash, etc. like if you don't like Justin shouldn't this make you happy?? lol, they were making fun of his whole life. I love him and I was dying of laughter the whole time. he took it like a champ 💪

Mango12345 2015-04-04
It didn’t download. Please fix

raincntry 2015-04-03
I hope this transparent attempt to rehabilitate this little douche bag’s persona fails. He is just another in a long line of washed up childhood “stars” who sense of entitlement outstrip his talent.

iamMrMS 2015-04-03
After the great Franco roast I didn’t expect too much from this weird collection of roasters. But again, it’s funny as hell, I laughed till I cried. Some awesome roasts (Pete Davidson was great, Jeff Ross is definitely the roast master and a proper kick back from Bieber), a great surprise appearance and Bieber taking it like a good sport. The Roast never dissapoints...

The Pink Drummer 2015-04-03
Honestly, I like Sarah Palin more than him. And Sarah Palin is the spawn of satan.

@JackShih 2015-04-02
This made me throw up

Link02 2015-04-02
People need to see that Justin is trying. This can be a opening for a new beginning for him. I thought this was really funny.

gonjerei 2015-04-02
Not worth it. I saw it... I want my money!

no-more purchases25 2015-04-02
Can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would roast this marshmallow.What a poor excuse for a human being.

MariaEduarda 2015-04-02
Loved it!!!!!

Mbelieber 2015-04-01

LamarKeith 2015-04-01
justin needs to go back where he came from.

Onoblank 2015-03-31
Waste of good oxygen.

Idanaahmed 2015-03-31
the jokes were funny and he took them like a man.

originalemily_ 2015-03-31
I loved it I was laughing throughout the whole roast p.s I love my babe Justin

mn2nmixr 2015-03-31

An Upset (Consumer) 2015-03-31
I purchased this and the audio and video is distorted. I want my money back so pay up apple. Im tired of this Sh**. Fix your broken store and stop wasting time on stupid projects like the apple watch that no one can afford.

#your1&only 2015-03-31
You were and always will be an amazing artist. Everything you do is amazing, ignore the haters cause I love you!

TwerkForMeBieber 2015-03-31
I'm so glad I could buy this. I couldn't watch it on TV because I don't have that channel. And I'm so proud of Justin because he wants to be a better person.

Belieberforever101 2015-03-31
This was soo hilarious

Lissa Melissa 2015-03-31
hehe. he's getting finer by the minute

upyerbum54321 2015-03-31
why did so many people rate this before it aired??

emantron 2015-03-30
When do I get the episode, didn’t it air already? I paid.

ben_magg 2015-03-30
I'm glad to see that Justin has given comedians a lot more material over the years.

brookeyupppppp 2015-03-30
why did I pay 5 dollars for this when i CANNOT WATCH THE EPISODE. this is airing right now am I supposed to be able to only watch it AFTER it has aired?!?

kirsten_n_w 2015-03-30
my baby!! I can't wait to watch this! I'm glad Justin's back and that he's doing this so he can start a new chapter in life. I'm so so happy that he's happy again, I'm glad our Justin is back and stronger then ever... such an amazing and strong man. I love my idol so much! 💜 I'm proud to say I'm a belieber and stayed through the good and bad times and until the moment I die. I love this human being and nothing's gonna change that! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN DREW BIEBER

Blowfishj90 2015-03-30
Im very proud of Justin and how he, reinvented himself God blessed him with this life and God had many chances of taking it from him , but Justin finally made a huge change and im proud of him also wheres our album !??

Savvy101026 2015-03-30
tbh this is probably going to be really funny, I’m a proud Belieber I love you Justin. And for all of you hating on him, please rethink your life, he’s probably more successful than you’ll ever be. oops :) LOVE YOU JUSTIN IM PROUD OF YOU

1dropdead1 2015-03-30
😍😍😍💦💦 he's a babe basically that's it

Katie MF Bieber 2015-03-30
tbh this roast was all Justin's idea because he always wanted to look back at it and laugh about it he wants the experience to be roasted by his friend Kevin Hart. I love Justin and I support this decision of his ❤️💕💜

Alexisjewel 2015-03-30
I'm not able to see it but I just know it's gonna be hilarious, & I love Justin😂💘

iAmMrsBieber6 2015-03-30
This roast is going to be good. This is a big step for justin to own up to some things and let go of the things he has done. The world needs to let it go too. People need to grow up and get a life this isn't trash and you wouldn't like someone saying that about your life now would you? Justin this is incredible and I am so proud of you and I CAN NOT wait to see this. I am nervous but I know you survived and I love you.