Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
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Experience the heroic action and unforgettable adventures of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. See the first fateful steps in the journey of Anakin Skywalker. Stranded on the desert planet Tatooine after rescuing young Queen Amidala from the impending invasion of Naboo, Jedi apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn discover nine-year-old Anakin, a young slave unusually strong in the Force. Anakin wins a thrilling Podrace and with it his freedom as he leaves his home to be trained as a Jedi. The heroes return to Naboo where Anakin and the Queen face massive invasion forces while the two Jedi contend with a deadly foe named Darth Maul. Only then do they realize the invasion is merely the first step in a sinister scheme by the re-emergent forces of darkness known as the Sith.

User Reviews
Lycan warrior 2024-02-21
Comparing to the “worst film” released and Disney Sequels I think it wasn’t a bad film to begin with.

Count Ronin 2024-01-16
The script wasn’t particularly boring or entertaining, and the acting was wooden and the story hard to follow. The CGI was decent, though, especially for the time.

Eri Sawkind 2023-12-20
Most boring Star Wars film right next to Rise of Skywalker. Anyone who “loves” this film is only just blinded by nostalgia. I grew up with this film (I’m 24) and I can admit how terrible this movie is, and Revenge of the Sith is my favorite, which is also a prequel.

WorldQuestioneer 2023-11-23
Don’t get me wrong. This movie is fun to watch. But I don’t like all that glossy, ornate whatever you call it. Much seems like bubblegum… in the sense of the feel of bubblegum pop, for lack of a better description - the movie is sticky. I also don’t like how midichlorians was introduced, and I don’t like how they put anything like Jar Jar Binks in. Both the prequel and sequel trilogies are examples of how Star Wars has gone down the wrong path. Star Wars should be rebooted with the lessons from the prequels and sequels. The original trilogy was much better!

$W£$K£R$ 2023-05-09
I just don’t get the hate it’s has a good story awesome characters man o man I love the pod race scene pure movie magic Lucas put his sweat and tears to make this beautiful masterpiece and the intro to Darth Maul makes it better.

Bmxmcdguy 2022-12-05
This film is outstanding! It’s a wild adventure with lots of twists and turns perfect for the family to watch together. This film kicks of the Star Wars saga perfectly. And the soundtrack is a piece of art. HIGHLY recommend

1chi5o 2022-08-26
An awesome movie. Jake Lloyd was great. Luke was waaay more of a whiner in Episode IV than Anakin ever was. And yes, wars often start—or are set in motion—with trade disputes! See: all of frickin history. Highly recommended. If you’re new to Star Wars, watch 4, 5 and 6 first, then watch this one, then 2 and 3. Then stop.

star wars l 2022-03-13
This is a really good Star Wars movie if you really like Star Wars

7gdp 2021-07-12
Ok Movie but too many politics and jar jar is a problem

antibigcitygreens 2021-06-04
Darth minion (maul) does look very devil like in the tv Show Movie

Wickedkila 2021-05-17
So much love for this movie

#greg is awesome 2021-05-10
Better than the sequel trilogy.

MacStatixx 2021-04-29
Although not the best acted film, the core elements of this motion picture is a gargantuan compared to the likes of the disney trilogy that desecrated the soul of this franchise.

amandax345 2021-04-28
Umm I don’t really know what they were thinking. Some of it is very odd. Don’t even get me started on Jar Jar. Some moments are good and entertaining but the rest I don’t know.

Luna_Birdsong_KOTLC 2021-03-05
The only use Disney has is giving this movie redemption thanks to the sequels

The originals are the best 2021-02-27
Ok this movie is kind of boring but the music was great and the villain darth maul is still Star Wars the clone wars.

Darth Vader Lord Of The Sith 2021-02-20
Pretty good Star Wars movie. Jar Jar was funny. My favorite characters were; Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and of Course Darth Maul. The Duel on Naboo was so cool! The opening was good too. The Tatooine scenes were boring though. Overall this movie wasn’t half bad.

Jay W. Y 2021-02-18

gdhshshd 2021-02-08
this movie gets to much hate, they may have gotten a little bit carried away on the cgi but it was quality

RayGonzalez03 2021-01-26
For one this movie is better then all the sequels especially the last Jedi, this movie is enjoyable and has a purpose behind it unlike the sequel movies. The phantom menace is overall a fun and entertaining movie with some parts here and there that could be changed to make the movie better however this movie is still better then what I remembered when I watched it years ago.

ThankyouJewel 2021-01-21
My only favorite character was maul. The rest are just stupid. I WAS HOPING MAUL WOULD WIN BUT NOOOOO!!! EVEN ALL OF THE STAR WARS MOVIES ARE LAME!!!

zay_Cheeze 2020-11-02
This film had great action and story. Just a little to boring for my taste. It has way too many political scenes that make it feel twice as long. The two scenes that make this movie worth it are the Pod racing scene, and the final duel at the end.

thucjdhdxhbd 2020-08-21
At least it was better than the Last Jedi

utinni 2020-08-11
Well, a lot of people give a lot of crap to this movie, but it’s really not all that bad. For one thing, if your going to watch the clone wars or rebels, you have to watch this, so you can see we’re Darth maul got his hatred for the Jedi and all. Also, I like the designs of the gungan city’s and Naboo ships. On CGI, lucas used more because there were more options. I know the acting isn’t great, but without it, a lot of things in later movies would not be explained. So watch it, and skip the whole tatoooine segment other than pod racing and a tiny bit about Anakin and Shmi.

pgc2006 2020-07-12
My 3 fav characters: Loved qui gon, obi, and maul. Panaka was good but he didn’t do much. Now what was wrong? Well... Let’s discuss the elephant in the room. JAR JAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did humanity do to deserve this sin against nature!? I would compare him to feces, but those can at least be used as fertilizer to make stuff grow, or as an energy source. But if you used jar jar as either, nothing would grow, and the power plant would explode and kill everyone in a 500 mile radius. And young ani, I fell bad for him. Had to deal with Lucas. And mIdIcHLørĮañs. In my opinion, Disney should burn all copies of the prequels, and remake them and give Hayden and Portman better acting. 2/10

ilistentomusic(obviously) 2020-06-01
I just now realize most of you who hate on The Last Jedi are fans of this utter garbage. The lightsaber duels and John William’s music were indeed excellent, but that’s not what makes a movie good. Neither does outside content having to explain what the movies failed to do. All your opinions I now consider irrelevant considering you think lines like “I truly, deeply love you” and “Yousa people thinken yousa gonna die?” are better than the new films. What idiots you guys are.

LukeIsCool99 2020-05-18
Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi Vs. Darth Maul because Duel Of The Fates never gets old. How can we review The phantom menace without mentioning Duel Of The Fates? The best SW music. And Jar Jar Binks’ voice for some reason makes me happy. The Characters that aren’t in Episode 4, 5, 6, etc. are some of my favorites. I get why they made Darth Maul die because two Darths would be weird but he was one of my favorites. Obi-Wan Kenobi is honestly one of my favorites characters in SW history.

Suferdudefrank 2020-05-13

getshreddy 2020-04-15
And it’s like they’re trying to appeal to little kids with him. As if kids need that to like Star Wars.

me to menny 2020-03-23
So old wish its free

Spiderhead_Army 2020-03-21
Omg I don’t know why so many people hate the prequel movies (when the sequels are so god awful.) but the three prequels that George Lucas did really good the origin of a lot of the characters from the original trilogy. Plus my favorite Star Wars faction is the CIS I mean the droids are the best. Phantom menace Attack of the clones Revenge of the sith Are all wonderful Star Wars movies any star wars fan should enjoy! Don’t hate on the prequels!!!! Hate the sequels!! xD

pumpkinbugs 2020-03-19
Love it

Nicholas becerra 2020-03-14
The Phantom Menace isn't what you think it is with the high quatlity version of Star Wars is compelety masterd with this high octbane prequel. With a talented cast and stunning visual effects and brilliant storytelling and characters we know and love as for Star Wars Fans this one will remain one of the best to this day.

movie lover 2011 2020-02-21
I love Darth maul

acekraken 2020-02-19
I have heard so much hate for the Phantom Menace and I just don’t understand it. The characters are great. The story while kinda boring at times is still cool. The pod racing is great. And I just don’t know why people hat this film, but I still love the Phantom Menace

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houseparty89 2020-01-25
This movie is awesome! Too bad George Lucas sold this franchise to Disney. Disney did a terrible job with Episodes 7 - 9.

Anthonyquito 2020-01-17
Would definitely watch this over the last Jedi

PixarGoodDisneyBad 2019-12-20
It’s pretty alright. I like the way it portrays the Jedi, a bunch of powerful protectors. I watched this with my gramma, she said “WHY IS YODA SITTING NEXT TO SAMUEL L JACKSON?!” And yeah, it’s kinda odd until he gets actual development in the others. The action is pretty enjoyable. Naboo City is very cool looking and Corusant is a unique planet idea. Obi-Wan and Qui-Jon are also really good protagonists. OKAY NEGATIVE REVIEW NOW! Ani is fine... I guess... Padmé, despite improving later, has awful acting in this one and Jar Jar... has been covered enough. The gungans in general are odd, why is their “sacred place” full of buhdda? Weird... Darth Maul is a disappointment, he isn’t a compelling villain at all. Has what, five lines? The cinematography mostly is plain embarrassing. Also... what are mediclorions? Anyway, pretty good ideas mixed with some really bad ones and a lackluster story. So... 6/10

GHOSTCLASS 2019-12-02
still better then endgame

sleepyja 2019-09-22
The Og ones because they have more light saber fights that's all Sö

SEMINOLE97 2019-09-01
This film gets a lot of hate. It doesn’t deserve it at all. The Phantom Menace introduces the most iconic villain of all time as an adorable and sweet little boy that wants to help a Jedi and a queen he doesn’t even know. The lightsaber duel was incredible, as well as the music (Anakin’s Theme and Duel of the Fates are incredible!) Jar Jar Binks is hilarious comedic relief that should not be hated on so much. My only con with this movie is that there were too much politics, which caused the movie to be a bit boring sometimes. But the action sequences were so worth it, hence my 5 star rating.

MovieCritic779 2019-07-08
Though the script may be mediocre, the film still presents an interesting story that fits well with the other Star Wars films.

refael2004 2019-06-05
Rotten Tomatoes gave it 54% Critics and fans all hated it Ahmed Best, Jake Lloyd, and literary everyone who had anything to do with it was hated on for years after. Does this movie really deserve such harsh criticism? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Is it great? YES!!! I’m a huge Star Wars fan, (my fav movie ever) and I say this is pure gold! And I’m gonna give you five reasons why: 1; It’s the only time we will ever see Liam Nisson in a Star Wars movie. 2; Jar Jar is just comedy gold! I’m serious, he is one of my favorite Star Wars characters! 3; Darth Maul is awesome! 4; It’s introduction to Anikan Skywalker it great. 5; Their is actually tons of good action and funny moments. Their! Five good things about this movie, it’s great like all the others! INCLUDING THE LAST JEDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EvilMadnessv1 2019-05-07
All the Star Wars movies were good in my opinion and I think many people underrate this CLASSIC which is only one of the Star Wars movies 🙂 ✌️.

Apspiderman09 2019-05-04
WORST Star Wars movie!!!!!!!

hmh star wars fan 2019-04-29
The great behning of a great saga

Alden Solo 2019-04-23
Out of all the characters in the Star Wars universe... Jar Jar Binks is George Lucas’s favorite character?! That’s like saying Steve Urkel is your favorite Family Matters character! What the f—k?! I get that he’s kind of funny, but honestly the coolest stuff in this movie is the lightsaber duel and the music that goes with it.

w1zard33 2019-04-07
If it weren’t for Darth Maul, this would be unwatchable.

i love the star wars prequels 2019-03-28
They were a massive part of my childhood And I always thought they were awesome I love how they introduced new characters I love I love it I love it