Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
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Discover the conflict between good and evil in the electrifying Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. After the destruction of the Death Star, Imperial forces continue to pursue the Rebels. After the Rebellion’s defeat on the ice planet Hoth, Luke journeys to the planet Dagobah to train with Jedi Master Yoda, who has lived in hiding since the fall of the Republic. In an attempt to convert Luke to the dark side, Darth Vader lures young Skywalker into a trap in the Cloud City of Bespin.

User Reviews
Peloquin1981 2023-05-02
How do we not have the original theatrical version to one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time? Nobody wants this remade garbage.

Bmxmcdguy 2022-12-05
This film is so nostalgic because this was my first SW film I’ve ever seen and I enjoyed it alot highly recommend

The originals are the best 2021-06-07
Like this hate is undeserved for this movie.and yes some of you might like the original version of this movie,but you have to deal with it.

amandax345 2021-04-21
So amazing!!! Even better than the first! Dives into the story even more! Love the characters! Yoda is awesome!

Ctucker76 2021-04-09
This is another of the crappy CGI versions from the 90’s. PLEASE release the ORIGINAL theatrical versions without the crappy changes’

Darth Vader Lord Of The Sith 2021-02-20
This was the very first Star Wars film I watched. I watched this movie when I was seven; right before Episode III came to theaters. The Story was awesome and the characters were cool! This has been my favorite movie ever since.

Jay W. Y 2021-02-18

gdhshshd 2021-02-08
this is where it gets really good

Han Hattori Hanzo 2021-02-03
At 54:06 the audio cuts out and doesn’t return for 5 minutes!!!

Luna_Birdsong_KOTLC 2020-11-29
OKAY LUKE! BRING THE DADDY ISSUES AND THE IDINA IS AWESOME HOW CAN I TRUMP HER ISSUES AND THE TRUST ISSUES! But seriously, leave out the sulky Jedi issues I get too much of that. Hey it’s me again Idina Hunter. I hate snow. Let me repeat it I hAtE SnOw. Hoth was a nightmare and YES Luke Skywalker managed to give me some counseling there to ditch the lying (we will not discuss that anymore) but then Lando betrayed us (IM STILL WAITING IN THE RESTITUTION FOR THAT LANDO OLD PAL!!) and Vader and I kinda got into a fight because...never mind . I escaped by jumping down an air shaft with Luke...fracturing four ribs, earning a concussion, and the nice details of a few lightsaber marks. “Hey Idina? Can we skip the drama please?” “YES Luke but I—“ “No buts. Bedtime. Now.” “Okay.” Idina —> OUT

NHKOsakaTokyo 2020-11-06
Where are the iTunes Extras?

thucjdhdxhbd 2020-08-21
The best Star Wars movie yet

Fredpig1234 2020-08-02

Cole 7523 2020-07-23
This is one of my favorite Star Wars movies. Get it now. This movie and the other original movie’s are the best ever

StarWarsandPokemonLover99 2020-07-16
Just because they aren’t the original! Can you idiots stop complaining? Just like the fact we even have this amazing film series!!

panda sick 2020-07-16
This is by far the best Star Wars movie ever created. Second to episode three revenge of the Sith. I love them both because good guys do not win.

drtgaither 2020-06-11
I love this movie!

eric49401 2020-06-03
I grew up on this movie and I love it....

LukeIsCool99 2020-05-24
Ok. 5-star straight off the bat, like how can you not say that The Empire Strikes back is not 5-star? Like c’mon. It tells the story of Darth Vader being Luke Skywalker’s father, and its 2 hours and 14 minutes of nothing but good SW moments. What I mean is that I like everything about this movie. It’s a classic! The graphics are really good for a 1980 movie!

Suferdudefrank 2020-05-13

Billy DTK421 2020-05-02
Best movie of the series. Worst digital remake. Would buy all of them if they were the original versions. C'mon already!!

Zillow is cool 2020-04-12
I’m serious.

sboy2312 2020-03-21

Nicholas becerra 2020-03-14
Best Sequel Ever!!! Darth Vader was my favorite part of any scene with vader was amazing. Everything that this sequel has to offer is incredible and dazzling with a twist that goes on into your head and stays there with so many iconic scenes which in my opinion this sequel is a classic.

movie lover 2011 2020-02-21
Great movie better than new hope

denverb789123456 2020-02-01
My favorite movie :)


PixarGoodDisneyBad 2019-12-27
The Empire Strikes Back... *breathes in* *claps* THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK! This is the best Star Wars film. I have no issues, it’s a perfect film! The flawed aspects of the original are fixed here. The acting is phenomenal from the whole cast, the two plotlines are shockingly easy to follow, but aren’t dull and my three favorite characters in the franchise were introduced here! Lando, Yoda and Palpatine! I have no complaints, 10/10!

Apspiderman09 2019-12-20
It is Good!!!

e.txcountryboy 2019-12-14
This and all the other original trilogy movies on here are NOT the original versions. I don’t blame Apple for this as it’s not their decision and heck it might not be Disney’s decision either depending on the deal they made with George Lucas when they purchased LucasFilm. The issues with these “Special” editions are that while some of the changes are good (like cleaning up FX shots) others like adding CG elements (which never age as well as practical FX shots) and some wonky decisions when it came to the restoration and color correction hurt the films. While I love the original trilogy I am going to wait for either the original versions (rough as they may be visually) or something akin to the De-Specialized Edition.

WilSanchez78 2019-12-13
I will not purchase the special edition versions of the original trilogy. I can careless if you make them available for free. WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Mac_User_01 2019-11-22
Please update this special-effects heavy movie with 4K HDR support — the image quality looks exceptionally poor on my 4K HDR TV.

StarWarsMan1138 2019-09-28
When everyone wants to know how to make a sequel, chances are most people are inspired by how this film does it. The second part of the holy trinity is without a doubt one of the best sequels to a franchise that I will ever see. Yoda is one of the best, Han is as awesome as ever, Leia is also funny, and Luke is just as cool. Eventhough I love Boba Fett as the best guy ever, the real big player of this film is Darth Vader. He is the scariest human being you could ever run into. And do I really need to talk about the biggest plot twist in cinematic history? Yeah I thought not. By far one of the best in the saga, and an amazing sequel with twists and turns.

ilistentomusic(obviously) 2019-09-02
Again, I’m gonna rate this on what the movie was before and not whether it is the bad edited version: Holy cow. Is there anything wrong with this movie? Great opening battle sequence, another legendary outing from John Williams, darker tone and of course, the greatest plot twist of all time: I am your father. This movie showed us that the good guys don’t always win. And that’s what makes it amazing. Not all of you may know, but this movie initially received unfavorable reviews from both critics and audiences in 1980. Obviously, its reputation has increased rapidly, but this can be comparable to The Last Jedi. I think that movie will end up like this one. Not as praised as Empire, but it’ll have way better reception as time goes on.

SEMINOLE97 2019-09-01
It’s an amazing classic and maybe the best movie of all time. Watch this, even if you think you don’t like sci-fi or action movies. You’ll love it. Trust me.

Kilgrey 2019-07-11
This should be labeled - 1997 Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Give us the original please.

MovieCritic779 2019-07-08
This film well develops the characters along with having an original and interesting plot.

Loonaponic 2019-06-12
The movie we actually want is the original 1980 release! This is not it.

hmh star wars fan 2019-04-29
This movie has a good starting and has a good plot. And you can find the dark side of the force.

Alden Solo 2019-04-04
Yes, you will hear a lot of fans whining like Anakin and going, “It’s the rerelease, not the original!” My advice to those fans: GROW THE F—K UP!!!!!! Many fans have declared this one the best one of them all, and it’s easy to see why. With great directing, brilliant acting, great dialogue, and gorgeous music, it’s almost impossible not to love this movie. (PS. This is the one in the trilogy that was least touched up by Lucas in 1997, so I should think you guys would be grateful. There’s just no satisfying you people.)

Al Tilley The Bum 2019-02-06
What’s not to like about it? I loved the Battle of Hoth scene and Yoda’s introduction. It also reveals who Luke Skywalker’s father is. This is one of my dad’s favorite Star Wars films. You can’t go wrong.

2ach5tyles 2019-01-13
It looks & sounds as if hundreds of thousands of people would pay good money for the Original Theatrical Re-released of Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back,& Return of the Jedi. Why would anyone pass up an opportunity to make millions of dollars, pounds, or monies from around the world???

TocaBlest 2018-12-26
The greatest film of the original trilogy... One of the best sequels ever made... and the film Star Wars fans love the most... Just so happens to be one of the ones where George Lucas was involved the least. Hmmmmm... You loved the fun-filled fantasy adventure where evil is vanquished and everyone gets a medal. Yay! Now, watch the Rebellion get crushed, the comic relief get frozen, and the ultimate evil tell the hero who’s your daddy in a sequel so dark, it’s become the lazy shorthand for when a franchise slides just slightly toward the dark side. Witness a movie full of great directing, brilliant acting, great dialogue, gorgeous music, and iconic moments that will stick with you for a lifetime.

pccoder 2018-11-30
How could anyone give this anything less than 5 stars? Probably the best movie in the Star Wars saga. Across multiple generations, this touches all of us.

WJRE 2018-11-02
OK movie but the first one is better said E, But W thanks that it’s a lot better than the first.

MTUBL 2018-10-16
My fav Star Wars movie by far. The character placement is genius! Darth Vader and Luke battle was so cool! Good story to follow!

Minecraftplayer927 2018-08-07
Best Star Wars movie by far!!!

Liam scott D @ me .com 2018-07-08
Go Luke and hon solo you know Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford and hon solo is Harrison ford

PublicBog 2018-06-17
Everyone, it’s No, I am your father.

Crazy Jay 39 2018-04-28
I watched the movie for my first time and instantly knew I loved it. Of course I had to buy it. I recomend it to any Star Wars fan or somebody that hasn't watched a Star Wars movie. It is certainly in my top three favorite Star Wars movies.