Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
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Experience the triumph of the Force in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. In the epic conclusion of the saga, the Empire prepares to crush the Rebellion with a more powerful Death Star while the Rebel fleet mounts a massive attack on the space station. Luke Skywalker confronts Darth Vader in a final climactic duel before the evil Emperor.

User Reviews
Sept 948 2023-01-06
…so JERK changed the ENDING !!!!! UNBELIEVABLE

Bmxmcdguy 2022-12-05
This film was good, but a couple things to point out if your watching with your family, •there is one scene near the end when darth vaders helmet gets taken off • lots of emperor palpatine in it •an Ewok dies •some hands are cut off These scenes might be scary to some younger viewers but I enjoyed it very much, I recommend this film for 9 and up

Admiral1973 2022-01-05
Just give Lucas’s ex-wife the money she earned and deserved for her original work. This is the only reason the original versions aren’t available. So a petty old man who hasn’t done anything worth watching since 1983 and a company that I don’t have enough space to type to discuss have made a deal to stop one woman from getting money she’s deserved from almost 50 years ago. Now, go celebrate that!!!

Laser1220 2021-05-04
Great film. Great ending to the saga. Don’t care if it’s the updated version. It’s all Star Wars to me.

The originals are the best 2021-05-01
I mean seriously this movie is great and sure you guys might want the original release but based on Disney right now you won’t want to because Disney messed up the Star Wars sequels

amandax345 2021-04-26
Great movie! However, it does mirror the first movie a little bit. But also some great twists.

Ctucker76 2021-04-09
This is another of the crappy CGI versions from the 90’s. PLEASE release the ORIGINAL theatrical versions without the crappy changes.

ThankyouJewel 2021-03-13
Read the title

Darth Vader Lord Of The Sith 2021-02-20
This movie was great! I still say Empire is the best. The story was good and so were the characters. I really like the celebration party at the end. May the force be with you!

gdhshshd 2021-02-08
such quality the budget got better and so the editing is way better

thucjdhdxhbd 2020-08-21
It is the weakest one in the trilogy, but it is still very good

LukeIsCool99 2020-05-23
This or Revenge Of The Sith is my favorite

Suferdudefrank 2020-05-13

Kennon 2020-04-30
Now that ‘Rise of Skywalker’ has finally completed the core Star Wars nine film canon, much can be stated about the triumphs and weaknesses of episodes seven through nine. I’m perplexed by the mediocre reviews seen here of ‘Return of the Jedi,’ even by Rotten Tomatoes ‘experts.’ However, now that the dust has begun to settle (unless a surprise awaits us all) it should be clear that the prequels and sequels serve only to reinforce the status of ‘Return of the Jedi’ in perpetuity.

Mac_User_01 2020-04-01
Despite the existence of digital 4K titles of these movies available to purchase via multiple different online stores, Disney has neglected to appropriately update this title to the proper 4K version. This results in a relatively poor HD picture quality. Disney, please appropriately update these movies to 4K — the current quality reflects poorly on the Disney brand.

ButIDon'tWantaNickname 2020-03-21
Also, Hayden ghost. 'Nuff said.

sboy2312 2020-03-21

Nicholas becerra 2020-03-14
Empire Strikes Back was better than this yeah sure this movie is good and has it's talented cast and neat visuals but this one is a missed opportuiney and totally has it's bad momments so what's next?

Nerdy Sorensen 2020-03-07
Star Wars has no competition

movie lover 2011 2020-02-21
I love this movie so much 😃😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️💩💩💩

Cody.93 2020-01-18
Luke Skywalker is no old cowardly hermet and Anakin is the chosen one

PixarGoodDisneyBad 2020-01-03
Let’s pretend that there were no prequels, no spin-offs, no shows, no sequels. None of that. Let’s say that there were just three Star Wars films. This is a fantastic conclusion. It proves why we don’t need a 3hr runtime to end a story *stares judgtngly at Endgame, despite heavily enjoying the film*. The characters all get good development, particularly Luke who has some fantastic scenes this film, seeing him as a full-on Jedi is heavily satisfying! Han and Leia are delightful as always, most of the problems are special edition exclusive, the finale is... well... The Luke, Vader, Palpatine fight is PHENOMENAL! It proves why Palpatine is the greatest villain in cinematic history. He’s the only villain who was also good in the prequels and sequ- OOPS! Getting ahead of myself. Anyway, the whole final fight between Luke and Vader is phenomenal, the lightning torture is intense and Vader’s sacrifice is... it’s been cleverly hinted throughout the film, so it’s good! As for complaints... the Ewoks? Maybe? I don’t really mind them... oh yeah, except that scene with them worshipping 3PO, kinda corny. 9/10

Apspiderman09 2019-12-20
Dearth Vader is dead!!!!

WilSanchez78 2019-12-13
I will not purchase the special edition versions of the original trilogy. I can careless if you make them available for free. WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

StarWarsMan1138 2019-09-28
This film definitely is flawed, but overall, it is a satisfying conclusion to the point where it felt like no more Star Wars films were going to be made (we were wrong, but the more the merrier). Yes, the ewoks are painfully annoying and unnecessary. Yes, Jabba is a douche. Yes, Boba Fett was wasted (but at least he isn't dead, so shut up Kathleen Kennedy). However, the ending dynamic between Vader and Luke was what sold me to this movie. It is nice to watch a father-son relationship come full circle, and that is all I wanted to see. Worst of the holy trinity, but not neccessarily bad. Not as rewatchable, but it is still something I take to heart.

ilistentomusic(obviously) 2019-09-02
This is still magical. Not perfect, not as amazing as the first two, but magical. More great music, more great acting but the story and events are quite illogical at times. A group of basically 2-foot tall teddy bears can easily beat the Empire? And not to mention that horrible Ewok song at the end. If there was anything good about the re-edited version, it was that Lucas fixed that aspect.

SEMINOLE97 2019-09-01
Return of the Jedi is amazing and everyone should see it at some point in their younger life. And if you’re older...yeah still watch it. Younger meaning 10 and not 5. There’s still some stuff I wouldn’t show a five year old, like the emperor. And by the way, the special editions are awesome. I LOVE THAT ANAKIN’S FORCE GHOST IS HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN SO DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATERS.

Kilgrey 2019-07-11
This is not the 1983 release. iTunes needs to correct the description. These are the “1997 Star Wars Trilogy Special Editions” and should be titled as such.

MovieCritic779 2019-07-08
Though this film is probably the weakest of the original trilogy, this film still does a good job of developing the plot, while also ending in a great conclusion.

Alden Solo 2019-05-25
And it ain’t ‘of the King,’ it’s ‘of the Jedi.’ Did we really need that Jedi Rocks song in the palace scene? ...Maybe not. I actually like the original number. Is the Victory Celebration song better than the original? (Oh, I’m gonna get a lotta flack for this but I don’t care) YES!!!!! Return of the Jedi is my favorite of the original trilogy. With great action scenes, cute Ewoks and a terrific lightsaber duel set to phenomenal music, Jedi is a worthy conclusion to the Star Wars trilogy. You know, it’s funny... people hate on Anakin because he’s so whiny, and yet they act just like him when it comes to these films. It’s just childish. ...It’s ironic.

MauTrevino 2019-05-12
Just perfect

hmh star wars fan 2019-04-29
We get a frist good glance at the empieor and the second Death Star being built

Al Tilley The Bum 2019-02-06
Parts of this film were so emotional for me when I was younger. It had a great plot line and final battle scene. I think first time watchers would enjoy this as much as the previous films in the series. It was pretty much everything any fan could ask for. I can’t help but give it a perfect score.

2ach5tyles 2019-01-13
It looks & sounds as if hundreds of thousands of people would pay good money for the Original Theatrical Re-released of Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back,& Return of the Jedi. Why would anyone pass up an opportunity to make millions of dollars, pounds, or monies from around the world???

TocaBlest 2018-12-26
A New Hope blew people’s minds; The Empire Strikes Back challenged what you thought a sequel could be... Now, the final chapter of the original trilogy takes its place in history as... the third one. In all seriousness, this one is my favorite of the original trilogy. I love this movie to death.

WJRE 2018-11-02
Awesome movie even better than the first few, We like this movie .

Scram makers of this app . 2018-10-09
It's good and I love it as well as the other original trilogy movie. A lot of folks, including myself, have an issue with the ewoks. These issues, in my opinion, could have been solved by setting this on (I can't spell the wookie home world), this idea was unfortunately crushed by the holiday special.

prnjuj 2018-07-31
I liked Slave leia. From Mike William

Liam scott D @ me .com 2018-07-08
Who killed darthvader

Awesomsauce1003 2018-06-19
I love Star Wars, but this one is kind of a letdown. 60% of the movie was unrealistic due to poor scripting. But the lightsaber fight was pretty awesome.

MovieGuys73 2018-05-05
I don't know why, but when I saw the movie I thought it had a good plot, really good settings and amazing lightsaber duels.

TXcowboy39 2018-03-31
Was a good ending movie to the original trilogy but a bit slow at times that dragged on too long.

Drew Grech 2018-03-25
After I saw this, I was sad it was over... until December 2015.

Lebron Kenney 2017-11-26
I’m not gonna say this movie is bad but it’s the weakest of the original trilogy. If Star Wars did end with this then this would’ve been the perfect ending.

Michelle2912 2017-06-15
Just give us the originals! They are much better!

Bobby the doggy 2017-04-29
Great movie not as good as empire but still great waiting for theatrical releases though

LJBEKRKR 2017-04-15
This is one of the best I thank Rouge One is the best

soda72 2017-04-08
No. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The climatic ending scene with Darth Vader is ruined in this itunes version. I can't believe they would have added this in. It is probably one of the top 5 mocked scenes in Revenge of the Sith and they had to add it for Return of the Jedi. Awful, just plain awful.

KbCheetah 2017-04-03
This movie is great, fun, exciting, entertaining, action packed, adventure, and awesome. I love this movie so much. I love all of the characters in this movie. Luke Skywalker, Princess Laya, Harrison Ford as Han Solo, and Darth Vader are my favorite characters in this movie. I love how Luke now knows that Darth Vader is his father and I love how Luke and Darth Vader fight in a light savor battle and how Luke reviles Darth Vader and how Han Solo and Princess Laya fall in love with each other. It is one of my all time favorite movies ever and i love all of the Star Wars movies.

Boppy One 2017-01-10
This is easily the worst Star Wars movie of the original trilogy in my opinion. It's almost like it was made to sell toys. The plot is paper thin; "let's make another Death Star with the same exact weakness that the first one had because that worked out so well."