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Phillip Stroh may be gone, but Major Crimes is back! The powerful crime drama featuring some of TV’s favorite characters continues for another season of gripping cases, as law enforcement officers and prosecutors work together to score a conviction. Led by the Oscar®-nominated Mary McDonnell as Los Angeles Police Chief Sharon Raydor, the fantastic ensemble cast also features G.W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz, Kearran Giovanni, Graham Patrick Martin, Phillip P. Keene, Jonathan Del Arco and Robert Gossett. Season four focuses on themes of courage, both in the personal and professional lives of the squad. Plus, Rusty, who is now officially adopted by Sharon, finds a passion that drives him — something Provenza is not too pleased about.

User Reviews
AlsoNotBornYesterday 2017-04-05
Kyra wasn't fired, she chose to leave. Respect and accept her wishes. THIS ISN'T THE CLOSER! This isn't The Closer. This isn't The Closer. I can't skew the ratings by giving Angel one star becasue Buffy isn't in it. it's not fair to the cast and crew to give this show one star BECAUSE KYRA CHOSE TO RETIRE. Possibly one of the strongest casts on TV. Love Rusty's storyline. Also love the unplanned Ship that works perfectly. I still must agree with the other reviews, the price is insane.They have rewatch value for me, but without being on Hulu or Netflix, it's like TNT is trying to kill the show. Reruns are rare, Videos expire from TNT's site before the arc is over (that was idiocy but also no great loss; this was my least favorite season). Hindsight? Call an arc Hindsight but have the episodes in that arc EXPIRE before anyone could binge them. After recommending the show to everyone at work and finally getting them to watch it the eps were gone. I had to lend two coworkers and a friend my iPhone. My PHONE, people. I'd rather give up a kidney than not have my phone overnight. NOt cool, TNT, not cool. If I didn't have the season pass, I wouldn't have even purchased any of that last group. I'm torn: I was very happy to FINALLY have a few episodes featuring Amy Sykes, but it was ultimatley all about Jason Gedric playing an annoying dirty cop. I don't wan't to spoil anything, but on Major Crimes and The Closer, Provenza has as mantra. Ya' wasted 5 episodes on something so obvious? were you going to try to launch a spin off? A bad episode of Major Crimes is STILL a good hour of TV, but they had the talent to do better. But I still love Rusty and Gus, so I will continue the season pass for season 5 until I start buying individually after they air. So five stars beause I love the cast and I don't want TNT to cancel it, but as a viewer who likes this show more than The Closer, I recommend skipping the HIndsight episodes. Sorry. The only problem is making sure viewers truly understand THIS ISN'T THE CLOSER. Sharon is the main star, Rusty is her family. Kyra wanted to retire, please respect that and see this show as a standalone. Brenda isn't coming back. At risk of sounding snarky, neither is the cast of Battle Star Galactica. Let Brenda go and you may come to the same conclusion I did: as a while: Major Crime is a better show with more opportunities for the rest of the cast far less gore. I won't deny: I liked The Closer, I love Major Crimes.

Yunior3000 2016-07-24
Great show.

hopball 2016-01-10
I never really got into The Closer. I was always turned off by the lipstick of the major star. This new Major Crimes series is different and exciting. I enjoy the family concept. Even if it’s the Squad Room. I find that series like these are ruined when relationships develop between major characters in the show. That causes me to change the channel, Law and Order SVU is an example. This show, however has internal relationships but in an acceptable sort of way. I hope the show continues until I get real old. The acting is superb and some episodes are funny, but the majority are exciting.

Alaric13 2015-10-11
Love this show it continues the great things started by the closer flawlessly

British Bulldog 2015-07-08
If you are looking at this it's possible you were a Closer fan. I was a huge fan and I wanted to watch this because I hoped it would retain at least some of the magic from the old show. It doesn't. The acting is wooden, the plots are boring and the end of season 3 was rediculous. Also the way they have made John Tenny a Deputy Chief was stupid and they risk destroying the legacy of the origional show by making storyline changes about Brenda Leigh in her absense. This is one of the reasons I've stopped watching. Based on what I've seen they should have just knocked it on the head when Kyra Sedgwick left.